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Oct 26, 2015



Prof. Henryk Skarżyński never works within particular working hours but as long as it is needed, therefore the time for rest and passions is important. He tries to be sports active. Sometimes he plays football, is skiing, he also plays tennis but not often as this discipline requires the effort of the hand, what in consequence influences the precision of the movements. He is keen on reading for pleasure – especially historic books. A particular place is his surroundings is given to animals. He likes to spend time with them. To relax in their company, and even to draw energy from his animals.

Professor Skarżyński writes poems, listens to the music, collects snails. This last passion has become a pretext to open the “Museum of a Snail” and gain the Guinness Record. The record was obtained in July 2012, with the score of 1377 pieces, in the category “the largest collection of snail-related items”.