The 7th Conference of Audiology and Phoniatrics Sections in Lodz

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The 7th Conference of Audiology and Phoniatrics Sections in Lodz


Instrumental methods of voice testing, principles of prevention and rehabilitation of hearing, voice and speech disorders, malfunctions of the communication process and articulation, modern methods of audiological diagnostics – these were some of the most significant topics covered during the 7th Conference of Audiology and Phoniatrics Sections of the Polish Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngologists and Head and Neck Surgeons, held on June 6th – 8th 2013, in Lodz.

The conference attracted popular and respected leaders in audiology and phoniatrics from Poland and abroad. Guests took part in 12 plenary sessions, as well as poster and outdoor sessions and lectures. Professor Henryk Skarzynski delivered an opening lecture titled: “Interdisciplinarity in medicine”. The history of Conference of Audiology and Phoniatrics Sections dates back to 2006 when professor Henryk Skarzynski organized this conference for the first time and the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing hosted its speakers and guests. The 6th edition took place in Kajetany. It was during the 10th Congress of the European Federation of Audiology Societies (EFAS).

During this year’s conference, representatives of the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing under professor Henryk Skarzynski’s guidance prepared and delivered speeches and presentations. The list is as follows:

  •  in a session entitled “Instrumental methods of voice testing”:
    • Kimographic studies in the evaluation of voice disorders – case study – B. Miaśkiewicz (Warsaw/Kajetany)
  • in a session entitled “Modern methods of audiological diagnostic and hearing screenings”:
    • Standardization of selected tests on the evaluation of central auditory processing – K. Dajos, K. Kochanek, A. Piłka (Warsaw/Kajetany – Lublin)
    • Pilot hearing screening in primary school students in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova – M. Ludwikowski, P.H. Skarżyński, H. Skarżyński, R. Barylak, I. Pierzyńska, K. Wołujewicz (Warsaw/Kajetany)
    • Otoacoustic emissions caused by chirp stimuli – W.W. Jędrzejczak, K. Kochanek, L. Śliwa, E. Piłka, A. Piotrowska, H. Skarżyński (Warsaw/Kajetany)
  •  in a session entitled “Modern methods of audiological diagnostic”:
    • Evaluation of hearing development of a small child using questionnaire testing – J. Serafin-Jóźwiak, A. Piotrowska, A. Lorens, A. Obrycka, H. Skarżyński (Warsaw/Kajetany)
    • Evaluation of hearing in music-school students with the high frequency pure tone audiometry – E. Piłka, W.W. Jędrzejczak, K. Kwaśkiewicz, H. Skarżyński, K. Kochanek (Warsaw/Kajetany – Warsaw)
    • Evaluation of hearing development in children using cochlear implant by means of LittlEARS questionnaire – A. Obrycka, A. Lorens, A. Piotrowska, H. Skarżyński (Warsaw/Kajetany)
    • Modern audiological practice according to EBM – A. Piotrowska, A. Lorens, H. Skarżyński (Warsaw/Kajetany)
    • Application of fMRI imaging of the brain auditory responses in children with partial deafness – K. Cieśla, H. Skarżyński, T. Wolak, M. Lewandowska, M. Rusiniak, A. Pluta, P.H. Skarżyński (Warsaw/Kajetany)
    • The impact of standard values on results of Stacked ABR tests – A. Piłka, K. Kochanek, L. Śliwa, M. Gołębiewski, G. Hatliński, H. Skarżyński (Warsaw/Kajetany – Warsaw)
    • Evaluation of intra- and interindividual dispersion in the amplitude of V wave using a stack method (Stacked ABR) – L. Śliwa, K. Kochanek, A. Piłka, G. Hatliński, H. Skarżyński (Warsaw/Kajetany – Warsaw)
  •  in a session entitled “Modern methods of audiological diagnostic and hearing screening”:
    • Psychological determinants of satisfaction from a cochlear implant in adults with postlingual deafness – J. Kobosko, A. Pankowska, E. Piłka, H. Skarżyński (Warsaw/Kajetany)
    • Mental health problems of parents of children with a prelingual deafness and cochlear implant – J. Kobosko, A. Geremek – Samsonowicz, H. Skarżyński (Warsaw/Kajetany)
  •  in a session entitled “Defects in the process of communication and articulation”:
    • Voice quality in patients with Reinke’s edema after one- or two-step laser microsurgery – B. Miaśkiewicz, A. Szkiełkowska, P. Krasnodębska (Warsaw/Kajetany)
  •  in a session of free topics:
    • Central hearing disorders in patients with dyslexia – a modally general or specific balance deficit? – M. Lewandowska, R. Milner, M. Ganc, E. Włodarczyk, T. Wolak, H. Skarżyński (Warsaw/Kajetany)
    • Prostheses implantable to the middle ear with a transducer positioned directly in the niche of the round window – Ł. Olszewski, H. Skarżyński, P.H. Skarżyński, A. Piotrowska, A. Lorens, M. Mrówka, M. Porowski, A. Piłka (Warsaw/Kajetany – Lublin)
    • Evaluation of auditory fatigue caused by stimuli used in ABR and ASSR tests – A. Piłka, K. Wlizło, K. Kochanek (Warsaw/Kajetany – Lublin)
    • Evaluation of bioelectrical activity in the human brain at rest in patients with tinnitus using the quantitative analysis of the EEG signal – preliminary results – M. Ganc, M. Lewandowska, R. Milner, I. Niedziałek, L. Karpiesz, W.W. Jędrzejczak, T. Wolak, K. Kochanek, H. Skarżyński (Warsaw/Kajetany)
    • Audimetric characteristics of hearing in school-age children – K. Jańczuk, A. Piłka, K. Kochanek, H. Skarżyński (Warsaw/Kajetany – Lublin)
    • Evaluation of repeatability of TEOAE results in students – K. Puchacz, K. Kochanek, W.W. Jędrzejczak, A. Piłka, M. Kruszyńska, L. Śliwa (Warsaw/Kajetany – Lublin)
    • Evaluation of suitability of selected online tests on an early hearing loss detection– A. Pieczykolan, M. Kręglicka, A. Piłka, K. Kochanek (Warsaw/Kajetany – Lublin)
    • Evaluation of audiometric test repeatability performed in preschool children – P. Dziedzic, A. Piłka, K. Kochanek (Warsaw/Kajetany – Lublin)

Apart from the session topics, participants had also the opportunity to discuss their own academic achievements. The debate was a great opportunity to exchange information on the latest developments in the field of audiology and phoniatrics.

The conference was held under the patronage of Jolanta Chelminska, voivod of Lodz, Witold Stepien, marshal of the Lodz voivodship, Hanna Zdanowska, mayor of the city of Lodz, professor Pawel Gorski, rector of the Medical University in Lodz and dr Wieslaw Chudzik, director of the Military Medical Academy University Teaching Hospital – Central Veterans' Hospital in Lodz.