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Nov 15, 2013



I guess, I would not be, who I am and where I am today if it was not for my family, friends and associates. I owe them a lot of things, but I also try to requite them. This symbiosis, since many years, provide me with a sense of accomplishment and fulfilled obligation. It helps me in bad moments.

I am lucky in my life, because I have realized lots of ideas. I conducted surgeries, which were the first in the country or in the world, created new, unique institutions. My clinical activity includes more than 100 different surgical procedures,  therein numerous with the use of new solutions. I always try to use new possibilities which arise from the development because they have an impact on our society, our country and on each one of us. I work instead of grumble and the greatest satisfaction derives me a fact, that we managed to do something concrete and we will leave the mark.  

I am lucky to meet valuable persons in my life. On my way I met remarkable, world famous scientists, professors, wise politicians, competent officials, kind journalists and unusual, curious young people. My success is also the result of their support and their faith in me and my ideas. Trust placed in me, motivated me to even harder work for the society. I believe that my clinical, scientific and educational achievements testify to the fact that confidence was not disappointed.

In this gallery you will find many unusual people, who I have honor to call friends. The people dedicated to patients wholeheartedly, helping disabled people to break down the barriers and supporting the new ideas of interpersonal communication. Thanks to them I could, with positivist approach to life and people, change the world for the better.

When you meet so unusual people, when we co-create such great things and when we participate in such extraordinary events  it is difficult to acknowledge them just with simple words. Nonetheless I would like to thank all of you very much. 

Henryk Skarzynski